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Grants in Cooperation with Identified Compatible 501(c)(3) Organizations

To amplify good works instead of duplicating and repeating overhead and program infrastructures, it is our practice to work in concert with established exceptional nonprofits having high-quality programs in our subject areas.  Consistent with Policy 10-04 (Grants to Organizations) to assure maximum effective use of charitable revenue with the lowest possible overhead, we proactively seek out established 501(c)(3) organizations with which we can cooperate in executing particular projects in our subject areas.

Direct Grants to Individuals Not Made

Consistent with Policy 10-03 (Grants to Individuals), grants to individuals are not made, due to the cost of the expertise and properly evaluating entitlement and need, and compliance costs with government regulatory reporting requirements at multiple levels every time in a different format. The organization functions on 10% or less overhead, which must cover oversight and regulatory compliance, audits, and government reporting, and operational costs, and does not provide enough to properly review numerous individuals applications with their attendant follow-up maintenance, tracking and reporting that results from them.  The 10% overhead does not allow the labor involved.

Unsolicited Grant Applications Not Accepted

In compliance with Policy 10-04 and Policy 10-3, the Organization does not expect to accept unsolicited grant applications and therefore does not publish such an application. Instead we proactively seek out established 501(c)(3) organizations with which we can cooperate in executing particular projects in our subject areas.

IGWT Grant Advisory Council

Grants are made under the active advice of the IGWT Advisory Council. Our In God We Trust license plate funds multiple purposes. Effective use of the $25 a year charitable donations received from purchasers of the license plate requires expertise in multiple subject areas. This charity reasoned the most efficient approach to identifying the most effective use of funds is to assemble a blue ribbon advisory council comprised of well-established groups with broad and deep expertise in our program subject areas. The council reviews grant applications, recommends appropriate entities to which to make grants, provides suggestions on the overall charter, direction and focus of the organization, and provides ideas and advice to organization’s officers, directors and workers.

The input of these highly qualified organizations with their broad and deep practical knowledge and experience helps assure effective distributions by IGWT.

With this support the possibilities are endless.

Click here to view a list of Advisory Council groups.

Recent Grants & Allocations

Your faith based plate donations have enabled us to make highly effective grants and allocations to established 501(c)(3) organizations in our program areas. You may view some of our Recent Grants & Allocations here.

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