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It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. ~~ Frederick Douglass American Statesman

This program mission bolsters youth in general, foster children, and abused, abandoned and neglected children with children self-sufficiency and autonomy.

Different kid’s different circumstances require different approaches.

Some programs provide access to the majority of the at-risk and system kids in the state and work to expand the hearts and minds of these children through educational activities and instruction to improve their capabilities and their lives so they will become incredible citizens.

Some purpose-built programs begin the process of replacing falsehood with truth, inexperience with knowledge, hurt with hope, anger with love, shiftlessness with goals, and hopelessness with faith.

Some programs provide youth identified as future foster youth leaders with in depth specific training from a host of state renowned leaders and speakers who have a unique understanding of the child welfare and foster care system, and with training to mentor and develop students in the foster care system through peer support programs. These youths meet with and hear various State Senators and Representatives, as well as other state and faith based leaders and pastors on foster youth subjects.

 Some venues help youth strengthen their faith, understand their world, and become prepared to make a difference with their lives. Top Christian leaders and thinkers train students in the classroom while staff teams walk alongside and personally mentor each student. These venues teach young adults how to champion a biblical worldview and strengthen their faith in this post-Christian culture. National leaders mentor students in apologetics, worldviews, and difference-making, an intensive and fun conference designed to teach students how to analyze the various ideas that compete for their hearts and minds.

Some program settings provide incredible opportunities for young people to experience the great outdoors and to have educational experiences that are impossible in the urban environment that many of them live.

Some programs develop strong youth character. This overcomes bullying, disrespect of authority, cheating, disrespect of others, stealing, addiction, violence, lying, apathy, and low self-esteem. It equips youth for pursuing success.

In sum, when young people are brought into such environments, it helps to change their perspective by removing their distractions, helping them to set aside their difficult circumstances, and creates an opportunity for loving teachers to speak knowledge, truth and hope into their challenged lives directing them on a positive and production purpose-driven path for a meaningful life.

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