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And you can help us put Him in more!
We have put God back in public schools.

Mission: Provide life-changing character education for today’s youth

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. ~~ Frederick Douglass American Statesman

This program mission bolsters youth in general, foster children, and abused, abandoned and neglected children with children self-sufficiency and autonomy.

Different kid’s different circumstances require different approaches.

Some programs provide access to the majority of the at-risk and system kids in the state and work to expand the hearts and minds of these children through educational activities and instruction to improve their capabilities and their lives so they will become incredible citizens.

Some purpose-built programs begin the process of replacing falsehood with truth, inexperience with knowledge, hurt with hope, anger with love, shiftlessness with goals, and hopelessness with faith.

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Recent Grants & Allocations

Your faith based plate donations have enabled us to make highly effective grants and allocations to established 501(c)(3) organizations in our program areas such as those presented here.  


Advisory Council

Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops
Florida Family Policy Counsel
Florida Police Benevolent Association
Florida coalition-children
Idlewild Baptist Church