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These springs along with the thousands of acres of pristine wilderness that surround the camp provide incredible opportunities for young people to experience the great outdoors and to have educational experiences that are impossible in the urban environment that many of them live.

In God We Trust Foundation has funded and awarded $75,000 to Camp Anderson to teach children self-sufficiency and  autonomy.

When young people are brought into this environment, it helps to change their perspective by removing their distractions, helping them to set aside their difficult circumstances, and to create an opportunity for loving teachers to speak knowledge, truth and hope into their challenged lives. The camp’s programming includes special educational activities and individual instruction that benefits the individual and the community. Educational programing targets subjects useful to the student, like social skills, coping skills, personal responsibility, ethics, goal setting, teamwork, and leadership skills in the family, at school, in sports, in the workplace, and online. The camp believes these life skills are necessary to the young person’s personal development and success in life in their journey to becoming a valuable part of their community.

The Camp Anderson property boasts 56 well-manicured acres and includes 426 beds, a climate controlled riverside lecture hall that will seat up to 1,000 people, two pools, kitchen, coffee shop, breakout space and more. The property and improvements were donated by the late, Mr. Joe Anderson and his family, who own and operate the Anderson Columbia road paving and bridge building company in the state of Florida and abroad.

One of the key components of the Camp Anderson experience is awesome FUN! In addition to the large group educational lectures, the camp also provides an incredible array of fun and educational activities that include river boat tours, wilderness camping excursion, archery lessons, music lessons, culinary and craft lessons and the list goes on and on. The camp’s goal is to make the learning experience so desirable that kids from all over the state will want to come. What really sets Camp Anderson apart is its people and its mission.

Consistent with the faith-based In God We Trust license plate, its charity and purposes, Camp Anderson is a faith based non-profit corporation with a laser focus on reaching and teaching students on life skills and subjects that are useful for the purpose of improving and developing their capabilities.

It provides over 1000 scholarships each year to young people that are in the state of Florida and represent the greatest need in our society. In 2015, Camp Anderson was awarded the ‘Champions of Hope’ award by the Governor of Florida for its service to at-risk and child welfare teens. This award provided the camp with access to the majority of the at-risk and system kids in the state. It is through partnerships with organizations like Camp Anderson that the hearts and minds of children can be expanded through educational activities and instruction to improve their capabilities and their lives to become incredible citizens. Camp Anderson, through its purpose built programs, begins the process of replacing falsehood with truth, inexperience with knowledge, hurt with hope, anger with love, shiftlessness with goals, and hopelessness with faith.